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My Battles

Life isn’t all just gumdrops and daisies,

And you won’t always  be there to save and protect me.

I need to learn to fight my own battles.

I need to be able to stand in the sun, no matter the blinding light, 

And you need to stop pushing me into the night.

Cause life isn’t and sugar and spice and all things nice,

It’s bumps and bruises and the moments.

Don’t lie don’t  try to sheild me,

Cause I can see past the fingers on my face, 

I can see the blood, the pain, and the heartache.

I have lived life for a while now,

I remember the things you think I’ve forgotten about,

I remember the dangers and the things I could risk,

But it’s just that,

That is what you could gain as well

Cause risks are worth taking 

And sometimes it’s a good thing that your heart is broken,

Because it reminds you that you have one to be broken

And life will push you down, and beat you to the ground,

And there’s nothing you can do about it

You can’t hold my hurt for me

You can’t take back the pain,

But you can ease it

So don’t try to protect or change me, cause that’s something I need to do on my own.

Life  isn’t all just gumdrops and daisies,

And you won’t always be there to save and protect me.

The Truth of Choices

Climbing slow or falling fast 

Rising high or sinking low

Forever left with the pain of the blow 

Staying on course or veering off the path 

To each choice there’s a consequence 

If you stay on course, who knows what adventures you have missed,

But at the same time you’ll be in ignorant bliss

Door one or door two 

Either or both could hold death 

But either and both could hold endless possibilities 

Endless dreams, endless wonder

No matter the options 

You still have a choice

Cause this is your life

And it will be filled with pain and strife

I’m never good enough 

And I wonder if I ever will be

I’m that one seed that will never sprout

That one egg that will never hatch

Am I eternally bound to me never enough?

Shall I remain forever, just a husk?

There’s nothing left in me

I’m hollow, a zombie

I try to pretend that I’m alive

But I’m not

I’m simply 

No longer me


I’m flying high,

 I’m finally free, 

And I think no one can send me to the ground again, 

The earth steadily grows larger, 

As I start to land.

When my feet reach the floor, 

You seized me and clipped my wings,

You threw me in a cage and said,

Now you’ll last,

I looked at you with betrayal still burning, and said

You haven’t saved me

You’ve simply made it so I can’t get away as fast